Nice to meet you.

I am Marta Martín, storyboard artist based in Madrid, Spain.

With a degree in Audiovisual Communication, I started working for the newspaper ÚltimaHora Ibiza & Formentera, as a photojournalist and, after training in traditional animation in a master’s degree at TheSPAStudios, I worked as a 2D Animator & Layout on the award-winning film Goya 2020 Buñuel in the labyrinth of the turtles. I also have worked and participated in Where is AnneFrank? Walking the dog Studio, among others nominated shortfilms like Umbrellas directed by José Prats or La Bestia Gobelins directed by RamTamez, an Annie Award winning 2021

After living and working in Mexico City for a year as a Storyboard Artist for the Netflix TV series at Ánima Studios, I returned to Madrid to work as a freelancer for Nexus Studios for directors such as Conor Fineagan or Patrick Osborne, among others.

Currently, I combine teaching at VoxelSchool with continuing to deepen and advance the profession as a storyboarder at Sergio Paez’s  with Douglas Lovelace, Chad Pickrel, Steve Lee, and Erik Kuska.

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