Hi! This is Marta, Storyboard Artist based in Madrid, Spain.

I have been working in the industry for over 6 years primarily in feature film, episodic TV productions and commercials at some animation studios including ÁNIMA CDMX, MadeByRadio, Nexus Studios for directors such as Conor Fineagan and the oscar winning Patrick Osborne, for the project Drawn Closer for Cox Communications. (Gold for Motion Graphics Design & Animation, a Silver for Real-time Contextual Content and a Bronze for Innovation in Branded Content / CANNES, LIONS · jul. 2020 )

I have participated at shorfilms like «La bestia» produce by GOBELINS Directed by Ram Tamez, Alfredo Gerard & Marlijn van Nuenen with asisstance animation and clean up ( Annie Award winning 2021- Best student shortfilm ) and Umbrellas Shorfilm (1 Nomination – GOYA Awards 2022 ) in wich I also help with content creation for character design and animation.

My first big project working as character animator was for the feature film Buñuel in the labyrinth of the turtles, winner of the Goya Award 2020, in wich I have participated at the workflow of the process in animation, asisstance & cleanup.

Currently, I combine teaching at U-TAD with continuing to deepen and advance the profession as a story artist.




SERGIO PAEZ ( Animation Director and Veteran Story Artist with over 20 years of industry experience ) mentorship@storyboardart.org

GUSTAVO COSIO ( Senior Storyboard Artist at NETFLIX ) gustavo.cosio@gmail.com